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This is where shirts for men are located.

Denim Work Shirt

COOFANDY Men's Casual Short Sleeve Button Down Dress Shirt Denim Work Shirts

Most of the reviews are good. Be careful to get the size right.  But that seems to be true with most shirts.

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hawaiian shirt

Damipow Hawaiian Shirts for Men Short Sleeve Aloha Beach Shirt Floral Summer Casual Button Down Shirts

  • 100% Rayon
  • Button closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • TROPICAL HAWAIIAN DESIGN:Mens hawaiian shirts, short sleeve casual button down style, camp collar, straight hem with side vents, regular fit men shirts, which looks very handsome and casual, fits true to size, out-of-office style, daily wear. You can also wear the hawaiian shirt with a t-shirt inside,you will be the eye-catcher. The mens summer shirts are perfect matched with shorts, beach pants etc


Hand wash.  Really.  I don't do that.  I have no idea how the shirt will hold up machine washing but they do say hand wash.  When I am in a mood, I like the hawaiian shirt look.  Yes.  I do get in moods. :-)

Most of the reviews are good.  There is one person who said he looked like a homeless person wearing it.  I think they got the size wrong but I don't know.  Perhaps he was trying to flirt with a woman and she made some comment while he was paying for his groceries with monopoly money.  I am joking.  I started to make a food stamps joke but that just sounded mean.  But anyway, when you are trying to flirt with a woman and you strike out don't blame your shirt.  Blame her husband or better yet, her lesbian lover.

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